Who comes to BASEcamp? What is your student profile?
We accept students who have been diagnosed with language-based learning differences and/or Attention/Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. BASEcamp is perfect for LD students interested in immersion in a chosen field of study and exploration of independent life skills on campus. Our students are bright, motivated thinkers looking to creatively and freely explore their interests in a setting that is much more than summer camp.

Our students are interested in both academics and social growth. They enjoy the programming we provide and the friends they make. Campers interact with everyone in the program – from the Director to counselors to students in other classes – discovering role models and making friends. At BASEcamp our summer camp  ADHD school accommodations are awesome!

Is learning difference the same as learning disability?
At BASEcamp, the term learning differences is synonymous with learning disabilities. We prefer to use the term learning difference, because students who process information differently are able to learn, especially when given the proper tools and instruction. Often it is those very differences that give them an edge to succeed!

Is there someone who monitors students’ medications and health needs?
Yes, our nurse works with parents and physicians/psychiatrists to monitor students’ medications.

Who will my roommates be? What are the residence halls like?
Roommates are matched by age and the information provided in the roommate section of the application. Students are housed by gender, and counselors live in each residential area.  At BASEcamp our ADHD school accommodations are truly very, very nice!

Can I bring my cell phone or laptop?
Students may bring their cell phones; however, we have a strict cell phone use policy, and students must check their phones with the camp office when they arrive on Sunday.

We do this for two reasons: phone use can be disruptive to the learning environment and can prevent students from connecting with the new friends and mentors around them. Students may take cell phones on all off-campus trips, as an extra level of safety. Students and parents may reach each other at any time in the case of an emergency, 24-hours a day, through the program office and security office phone numbers. Students may not bring personal laptops to the program but may use the campus computers for email and Internet use.

How well supervised are the students while attending BASEcamp?
Safety is our top priority, and the environment we create is filled with excitement and opportunity. Throughout the day, students are offered a variety of supervised activities tailored to their interests and energy levels. With an experienced, highly-trained staff and campus security, BASEcamp provides the necessary supervision to ensure the safety and well-being of our students at all times.

Does BASEcamp offer airport pick-up and/or drop-off?
Yes!  Students who need to fly without parents or guardians can utilize our airport service.  A formal driver, plus a BASEcamp staffer, will typically accompany each student. Families can pick one-way, or both ways.  In the past the most popular combination for this service has been when families fly one parent in with the student for check-in days (Sundays) and then utilize the airport service for the end of camp. But, you can choose any combination that works for you!  The only airport we use for this service is Chattanooga, TN (CHA).  Please contact the program office if you have any questions regarding this service!


BASEcamp - Summer camp  ADHD school accommodations

BASEcamp – Summer camp ADHD school accommodations