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BASEcamp: The ADHD summer treatment program

Bachman Academy serves students with learning differences; such as, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NLD),
Asperger’s/Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/ Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD, ADD). Bachman provides a non-traditional environment for these students to learn and achieve in ways beyond what would typically be expected. Our highly-trained teaching staff support our students so that they are able to grasp the concepts and skills required for graduation and beyond. Students at Bachman Academy learn how to learn independently. They are taught to utilize the resources around them to navigate life.

It is this philosophy that is brought to The Bachman Academy Summer Endeavor (BASEcamp). When students attend BASEcamp they are able to take advantage of working with experts. BASEcamp is not your typical summer camp. Students at BASEcamp experience three things that they won’t find at a traditional summer camp.

First, BASEcamp provides an academic piece to the day that will help campers build skills that they are able use both at home and at school. BASEcamp is an endeavor to learn how to learn. Campers are introduced to critical thinking and how to overcome their personal challenges so that when presented with an obstacle they are able to self-advocate and see the steps needed to move past it.

Secondly, campers are taught skills needed for independence. Social skills and communication workshops take place during drama classes. Independent living skills are taught in the dorm through hygiene checks, chores, and room inspections. Health and wellness is taught through daily physical activities. Every part of BASEcamp is designed to teach life skills.

Finally, BASEcamp is an environment where students with learning differences are accepted and are able to thrive. Campers at BASEcamp are not given a label. Our highly trained staff are able to see them as individuals, providing for their needs and giving them the structure and support that will help them succeed.

There are some things you will find at BASEcamp that you will see at summer camps all over the country. Campers still have fun. They participate in activities and adventures that are common to most summer camps. Campers still make friends. Friendships are an important part of summer camp and we encourage and help campers build those relationships that make summer camp so enjoyable. BASEcamp is a summer camp like no other. Campers come from all over the country to enjoy the freedom and support that BASEcamp provides. BASEcamp allows students with learning differences can enjoy a summer camp experience that will have them begging for more.

Our adhd summer treatment program includes horse-riding as a choice; riding is not required (and beginners are welcome!)

Our ADHD summer treatment program includes horse-riding as a choice; riding is not required (and beginners are welcome!)



Rigorous schedules and routines help our students adjust to the program. These systems are clearly posted, explained, and followed. They help students fall into place and contribute to a cohesive, friendly group atmosphere. They also provide a consistency that LD students need and offer a model that students can transfer to other areas of their lives. We consistently reinforce and build upon the ideas of teamwork and responsibility.  See below for the myriad of fun things we do at night and evenings that make this summer program the ADHD summer treatment program Tennessee loves!

The counselors check each room nightly and rate the cleanliness and presentability. Roommates with the highest score at the end of camp receive a prize. The idea is to build cooperation and friendly responsibility. We also host other friendly fun/competitive skill-building activities as part of our social time. It isn’t about winning, it is about personal success!  Just another reason why this is the ADHD summer treatment program of choice.

Study skills, organizational skills, social skills, emotional coping and relaxation techniques are all also addressed – in fun and non-stressful ways. We plan a number of important activities and role play is an essential tool, making the activities relevant and easy-going.

Everyone arrives with his or her own educational and social experiences, strengths, and needs. Campers are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones in the mastering of new skills while sharing their own strategies and skills with the rest of camp. By learning from each other’s distinct abilities, each camper and staff member becomes an intricate part of the BASEcamp team. A variety of evening and free-time activities are also offered for campers to participate in favorite hobbies, while exploring new interests and practicing their newly acquired skills.

Our small groups and strong student to teacher ratios are important as well at the ADHD summer treatment program. Our highly trained teachers share their passions with campers in small classes, providing each camper with optimal individualized instruction. Lesson plans are tailored to accommodate students’ unique learning styles. Engaging campers in numerous hands-on activities and educational experiences brings life to our classes and activities.

Fun Stuff That We Do That You Will Love:

Every week the students are split into teams when they arrive at camp. The teams are in a competition throughout the week. They receive points based on contests during the day and in the dorms. They also receive points for behavior and leadership skills. Teachers also award points in class based on various activities.
At the end of the week we have BASEcamp Olympics where the students have contests and play games based on the skills they have learned during the week. The winning team gets some type of prize. Usually they get to throw a pie in the face of the opposing team’s captain, or turn that person into an ice cream sundae.  It is just a ton of fun!
The pool!  Our outdoor pool is amazing!  We do things like have water wars by the pool. Usually on the first night of camp we have a water balloon fight, contests in the pool, watermelon eating contests, and things like that.
One night a week, we give the students the option to sleep outside on our campground by the lake front. We provide tents and sleeping bags and give them the chance to experience the night under the stars. (We don’t make this mandatory. It is just a fun option for students that want to.)
Each week we have a theme day, usually on Thursday. Some of the themes include Casino Night. We set up casino style games in our student center and the students play games for points. We also have Around the World Day. We set up board games from different cultures and the staff all help cook a dish from a different culture. Last year we had sushi, quesadillas, egg rolls, and lasagna. The last week of camp we usually have a Carnival theme. Last year we had carnival games outside on the front lawn. This included a dunk booth, a bounce house, popcorn, cotton candy, sack races, football toss, etc.
Most nights we have a bonfire at the lake. The kids get to roast marshmallows, sing songs, play games, canoe, etc.  It doesn’t feel like an ADHD summer treatment program.
We also do things like Karaoke Nights, Just Dance Competitions, make-your-own-pizza nights, and we even have mud fights on the front lawn.
Our ADHD summer treatment program iis really about fun.

Our ADHD summer treatment program is really about fun.

Campus Amenities:

During the school year our residential students live on campus full-time.  We have equipped the campus with lots of great things to do and places to go, so that there is always something fun to do!  BASEcamp students enjoy the same amenities and facilities!

The Underground: The Bachman Underground is stocked with 4 of the latest video game systems, multiple televisions with hundreds of movies, and a café. The Underground is available during guided free times.

Rec Center: In our fully stocked gymnasium we offer games like basketball and volleyball on the lower level. The upstairs has a pool table, foosball, darts and more. The Rec center is available during guided free times and is used for recreation on rainy days.

Fitness Center: The Bachman fitness center is where students have the ability to keep up with their own workouts under the supervision of staff. The fitness center includes equipment such as a treadmill and a heavy bag. The Fitness Center is available during guided free times.

Outdoor Pool:  Our pool is the center of the universe on a hot sunny summer day!  With a cool stereo system and even an advanced BBQ set-up, BASEcamp wouldn’t be complete without the pool!