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Students at our ADD and ADHD summer programs

Students at our ADD and ADHD summer programs

Students at our ADD and ADHD summer programs BASEcamp have a series of academic classes, courses and adventures. During the class times we break up the students into small groups and move through various classes.

Classes are held in our classrooms, computer labs, workshops, equestrian center, and lakeside. Each day is different, as each student is different. The classes are hand-on, engaging, and fun! The idea is to make the ADD and ADHD summer programs coursework entertaining, exciting, and meaningful. There is no lecturing for hours on end; from day one, we work closely with our students to develop their skills and individually assess and improve their unique skill sets and areas of interest.

Our courses have been chosen with the idea that hands-on learning, in small classes, with shorter class periods, is the best way to reach and influence students that attend our program. Students at our ADD and ADHD summer programs love this stuff!  Our community and philosophy behind the program is what really makes it so great.

Our program is designed around the idea that critical cognitive skills (executive functions) are areas that need improvement for our students. So our core curriculum courses focus on these areas:

• Working memory and recall (working with information while it is being thought about and accessing facts)
• Activation and effort (how to get started and pay attention through completion)
• Controlling emotions (how to tolerate frustration and to think before acting)
• Internalizing language (learning how to talk to yourself internally to control)
• Complex problem solving (analyzing the process of going about and learning new ideas)
• Changing activities and switching gears (moving from one area to another and stopping to think before action)
• Organizing time and planning ahead (for projects, schoolwork and free time)
• Self-monitoring and prompting.

We work on the executive function skills through specific academic challenges and essential skill building activities.  Students at our ADD and ADHD summer programs really enjoy and benefit form the close supervisi0n and skill of the counselors.



Program Director – Nathan Carter

Nathan Carter is the lead dorm parent at Bachman Academy and the Program Director for our ADD and ADHD summer programs. Throughout the school year he develops and oversees all of the residential activities that take place both on and off campus. Nathan enjoys working with BASEcamp and is excited to give the campers the best summer camp experience possible.
Originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee, Nathan has worked with children and teens for more than a decade in both schools and churches. He came to Bachman for the “opportunity to help the students feel that they have a home away from home, and to teach them to be live a life of integrity.” When he is not spending time with family, Nathan enjoys extreme outdoor sports like skydiving, rock climbing, and caving. Nathan is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in Special Education.
ADD and ADHD summer programs Program Director Nathan Carter

ADD and ADHD summer programs Program Director Nathan Carter