Academic Rotations

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Academic Rotations

The academic rotations occur during the day. Even though these options are more academic in nature, it doesn’t necessarily feel like being at school. The classes are exciting and engaging. Each class is designed in such a way that the learning happens in a hands-on way that campers want to participate in.

Performing Arts

Studies show that drama can help individuals heal by taking on and participating in new roles, creating new stories and rehearsing new behaviors. This also helps us to understand our thoughts and emotions and improve behavior and learn social interaction skills.

Neuroscientists looking at the arts, learning, and the brain have discovered that the arts are motivating for students because they create conditions in which attention can be sustained over longer periods of time.

Practicing putting ourselves in another person’s or character’s shoes can become the first steps toward understand how the rest of the world feels, thinks, and relates a way to begin developing and testing out a theory of mind.

Vocational Training

Many high school students are faced with the task of finding and keeping a job. Whether they begin working during high school or soon after, often-times, they are ill-prepared for the challenges that having a job presents. At BASEcamp, high school aged campers have the opportunity to begin the discovery process of what having a job entails.

This is a hands-on class where campers will actually work on a variety of projects. This process teaches them the skills necessary for navigating the workforce. They will be taught how to follow plans to see their project through to completion.

Fine Arts

Fine arts classes will allow campers to work with their hands to create art projects. Art is a great way for campers to express themselves. Campers will gain a clear understanding of current design and artistic trends. We’ll discuss artistic forms such as found art, art in public spaces, and other important trends. Two important factors of this course are skill building and social interaction.

Campers are given the chance to express their own vision through art. There is some time spent on pure skill building, from drawing and painting to sculpture and mixed-media. Then campers get to pursue and achieve their artistic dreams, to find the essence of your work, and to express it in various formats. Campers will learn and improve their skills in visualization, using charcoal, pens, pencils and paint to draw objects and forms from direct observation. They will also work in three dimensions, with found materials and with our own imaginations!

Learn to Learn

Learn to Learn introduces campers to the process of higher order thinking. Higher order thinking takes thinking to higher levels than simply restating the facts and requires campers to do something with the facts — understand them, infer from them, connect them to other facts and concepts, categorize them, manipulate them, put them together in new ways, and apply them as we seek new solutions to new problems.

We will help campers discover what they already know and how they can continue the learning process independently. The skills learned in this setting apply to every aspect of life; academics, socialization, and independent living.

Special Projects

For our campers with executive functioning related issues, learning to work with your hands and see a project through to completion is of great value. First of all, safety is paramount, so protective gear is required for all campers at all times. We supply safety gear and work with each camper individually to ensure they understand the proper use and function of each item.

Campers will learn to read building plans and architectural drawings. They need to understand the process of creating something in the real world based on design ideas and structures. We will be using power tools, in conjunction with hand tools, to create and build our projects. Working individually, and in teams, campers will learn to work with one another, and support one another, throughout the course of the class. The Special Projects class is a fun way for campers to learn and build confidence in executive functioning skills.

Social Skills

Social interactions are incredibly complex and each camper’s social skillset is different. Some campers with disabilities may have strong foundation skills but lack appropriate interaction skills; others may require assistance in developing more basic skills such as making eye contact.

During this class we focus on daily social interactions; learning how to have appropriate conversations with peers, family, and authority figures. This is accomplished through various types of roleplay. Campers are given the chance to act out both parts of a conversation and the appropriate ways to respond.


Self-advocacy is understanding your strengths and needs, identifying your personal goals, knowing your rights and responsibilities, and communicating these to others. Because campers with learning differences live with their learning struggles on a daily basis, they must learn how to maneuver through life’s challenges and obstacles to make sure their needs are met.

This class will introduce campers to the idea of self-advocacy. They will discover skills necessary for success in learning and life. They will learn to keep challenges in perspective by looking at the positives and then deciding what can improve. If something isn’t going right, they can decide what action to take next. After all, self-evaluation often is where the greatest learning takes place.


our ADD and ADHD summer camps

Our ADD and ADHD summer camps