Equestrian Studies

ADHD horseback riding

ADHD horseback riding



For students with ADHD horseback riding is a wonderful way to grow and learn.  If you love to ride, you’ll love BASEcamp! Our Equestrian classes feature riding and learning the many aspects of taking care of horses in general. Led by our year-round faculty member Kody Russell, this course allows students to touch, interact and befriend our sweet and loving horses, offering intrinsic therapeutic value and nurturing students’ compassion.


Students learn horsemanship, horse safety (we provide the helmets), mechanics and control, and commands.  For the typical student with ADHD horseback riding is a great way to learn about caring for an animal.  This wonderful course also offers the opportunity to learn and practice Executive Function skills such as time management, planning, attention, working memory, problem solving, multitasking and self-control.  These activities are then reinforced during our evening activities.

The only thing we do with animals is work with the horses. The students learn to saddle, brush, tack, etc. Our ADHD horseback riding students (who choose to ride) will be doing at least one long trail ride every week (check our schedule out). For students at our ADD/ADHD summer camp who love to ride, we can try to get an extended trail ride each day, depending on the weather and the horses and condition of the trails on any given day.  This is just a really cool thing at BASEcamp and you should enroll to take advantage of this cool program!