Creative Arts

ADHD Art Therapy: Doing Art is a Great way to Learn and Grow

ADHD art therapy

ADHD art therapy



These ADHD art therapy classes will allow students to work with their hands to create art projects. Art and expression are a great way for students to express themselves. Students will gain a clear understanding of the current design and artistic trends. We’ll discuss artistic forms such as found art, art in public spaces, and other important trends. Two important factors of this course are skill building and social interaction.


We want to help you express your vision through the arts. So we will spend some time on pure skill building, from drawing and painting to sculpture and mixed-media. We’ll also help students to pursue and achieve their artistic dreams, to find the essence of your work, and to express it in various formats in our ADHD art therapy. Students will learn and improve their skills in visualization, using charcoal, pens, pencils and paint to draw objects and forms from direct observation. We will also work in three dimensions, with found materials and with our own imaginations!


FUN WITH ART:  Every week the students are split into teams when they arrive at camp. The teams are in a competition throughout the week. They receive points based on contests during the day and in the dorms. They also receive points for behavior and leadership skills. Teachers also award points in class based on various activities. At the end of the week we have BASEcamp Olympics where the students have contests and play games based on the skills they have learned during the week. The winning team gets some type of prize. Usually they get to throw a pie in the face of the opposing team’s captain, or turn that person into an ice cream sundae. That type of thing.