Recreation and Adventure

ADD Summer Camp: Recreation and Adventure

A large part of what makes BASEcamp so much fun is our wide array of offered activities. Throughout the week, campers are able to take advantage of all that our 188-acre campus has to offer:

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding is offered every day at BASEcamp. Campers at our ADD summer camp learn the basics of horsemanship and safety before they are handed the reins. Each week, weather permitting, campers can join in on an optional extended trail ride if they have met the horsemanship safety standards.

Horseback Riding at our ADD summer program!

Horseback Riding at our ADD summer program!


The Bachman Campus boasts an 8-acre lake in our own backyard. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing evening in a canoe. Or for the more adventurous, we release our fleet of canoes for a game of capture the flag on the water.

canoing at our ADD Summer Camp!

Canoeing at our ADD Summer Camp!




























The woods surrounding the Bachman campus are inundated with hiking trails. Campers at our ADD summer camp can choose to take a short jaunt to the lake or a more strenuous trek to the top of the bluff. Each trail is unique, so there is always something new to explore.


The Bachman Lake is stocked with several kinds of fish. Experienced fisherman teach campers the basics of different types of fishing how to handle fishing equipment. Campers can then join in a “catch and release” style fishing tournament.


Campers who stay over from one session to the next have the option of camping at Bachman’s rustic style campground during the weekend. Campers can hike or ride horses to the campground and then enjoy a night under the stars and learn to cook over an open fire.


Determination is paramount to building skill in archery. Campers at our ADD summer camp have the opportunity to learn the basics of archery as they build confidence by achieving a new skill level. Safety is of the utmost importance when practicing archery. All campers are required to attend an archer’s safety course before being allowed on the archery range.

The Underground

For rainy days, or times when campers just want to relax, the Bachman campus provides use of The Underground. This is an area with video game systems, a theater room, and space for playing board games. It’s always a fun place to socialize and spend time with newfound friends.

The Area Around Bachman

Bachman is lucky to be centrally located to so many attractions for nature enthusiasts. Campers may spend an evening hiking to a waterfall on Lookout Mountain, or rafting down the Hiwassee River. Other adventurous activities include spelunking, bouldering, kayaking, and so much more.

Having fun at our ADD Summer Camp!

Having fun at our ADD Summer Camp in his BASEcamp T-Shirt!