Personal Development & Leadership Skills

add adhd summer camps

Personal Development & Leadership Skills are woven into the fabric of everything we do at BASEcamp’s add adhd summer camps.  The whole idea of the program is to give our students the tools and skills they need to cope with their world, their lives, and themselves.  We work through personal responsibility by having the students take charge of their own space, their belongings, their room.

Humor and fun also play a role in personal development strategies at BASEcamp.  One of our favorite activities in previous summers’ add adhd summer camps was role play.  One evening we had students tell us about a difficult or triumphant personal experience from the previous school year, an interaction with another student or teacher.  We then had the students com up and role play the people and take on the roles of each person.  It was hilarious!  But by using humor and expression, we also were able to open up the students’ minds to alternate ways to approach instances where they had had a difficult (or triumphant) experience.

From the coursework to the social activities, from the pool to the dorm… personal development and leadership skills are at the core of what we are all about at BASEcamp.

add adhd summer camps

add adhd summer camps